Deals & Steals

I have a long list of homebrewing supplies and equipment that are in my like to have list. I typically only make large purchases when I find a good deal or bargain. Below are some recent bargains. Albeit, the cost of shipping sometimes outweighs the savings so for sites like I almost always hit the $59.00 free shipping level.

Email subscriptions are another quick way to save a few bucks. Most homebrew shops offer a first time discount or a discount when you sign up to receive their newsletters.

Many of these newsletters are offering promotions themselves.  These typically last for a week or less so if you want the product at a discount you should jump on it.

We all hate too much email but I find beer email to be the exception to the rule.

Deal of the Day at is currently a Glass Carboy – 3 gal.. The number of DOD items sold is limited so it is better to snatch them up quickly if morebeer is offering something of interest to you.

Web Clearance at – this page is updated periodically with a handful of items but not usually too robust. Williams does grab bags, soon to be expired yeast and other items.

Morebeer Clearance – the sale section at morebeer if quite a few pages long with close to 200 items of all sorts ranging from thousand $ conical fermenters to 1oz hop selection. I hit up this section for odds and ends when trying to get to the $59.00 free shipping threshold.

Ss Brewtech has a clearance gear section which are items that don’t pass QC but function just as well.

Spike Brewing has a bargain cave where they release overstock, scratch and dent and other equipment on the cheap.

Hops can get pretty expensive especially with all the dry hopping and double/triple dryhopping going on these days. Morebeer offers a constant supply of hops for sale that is updated every Monday based on the latest supply and demand. You typically won’t find the Southern Hemisphere juice bombs, but your classic “C” hops and Continental varieties are usually well represented. There is usually some whole leaf options that are great to purchase if you want to open them up and age them for your next sour or lambic inspired brew.

morebeer hop sale

AIH – Adventures in Homebrewing offers a program that gives you a $10 gift card for every $200 you spend, which is a 5% lift for you. Redeemable on the website of course.

Join the American Homebrewers Association for major discounts, brewing advice, Zymurgy magazine subscription and much more.

Brew Hardware has been my go-to for miscellaneous parts of brewing equipment – they have a bargain bin with grab bags of stainless steel.

Kit of the week just launched by morebeer = 20% off for all grain or extract. This price point is pretty much like buying the individual components separately so definitely worth it. Don’t forget to add the promo code!kit of the week

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