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Pizza boy brewing company and Al’s of Hampden

Pizza Boy Brewing Co. and Al’s of Hampden

Is it pizza shop? Or a brewery? Or a bit of both? What a set up. Sensory overload in a solid way. You walk into Pizza Boy/Als of Hampden into rows of pizza shop style booths. Immediately see the giant ORDER HERE signs and become relieved as to where to head in this large space filled with jovial people consuming the best food and beer pairing known to mankind. Pizza. Beer. Happy. I couldn’t agree more.

Beers: many, many options. over 100+ drafts, plus bottles. There are about 36ish Pizza Boy beers and plenty of other craft beer brands. The only menus are located high above the bar and seating area in the corner so be prepared to squint. There isn’t much of a description besides what you can gather from the name and style so you may have to consult while perusing. However, they keep an updated list on their website so you can sit at your table while making the crucial decision. And since they don’t offer flights or samples it is a pretty important decision indeed. There is a very well stocked fridge for take out and (pallets of) bombers and swag for purchase.Capture

We indulged in 4 of the dozen or so IPAs and brought back a 6 of  Murren River and a 4 pack of Michael Meyers Lemon IPA

Food: The pizza was was really good, toothsome somewhat thin (medium) crust, nice sauce, added ricotta for a bit of creamy texture. Was starving so didn’t get any pictures. The caesar salad also went down fast with nice sized croutons. Could have used a bit on briny anchovy in the dressing for my taste. Maybe a buck or two overprices for central PA?? There were plenty of people sitting at tables without beer so it appears they were there for the pizza/food which tells me its on point.

Ambiance: corner pizza shop on steroids meets a tap-house on PEDs to create an epic beer and pizza super baby. Kid friendly with a handful of video games in the corner to distract them while you responsibly get your drink on.

Service: cashiers and bartenders were friendly. Not much to speak of in terms of service since you order at the counter and take your beer with you or a number so the expediter can bring out your food.  You also grab your own plates, utensils, etc. The staff was efficiently at clearing away empty glassware and dishes.

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Pro Tip: come hungry with and loaded on your smart device.