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Cacao Nibs

TCHO makes the best cacao nibs for brewing. It is coming up on Porter and Stout season so pick them up when you can.



The hop Death Star

That’s no moon…it’s a space station. When not making a super hoppy beer I use a tea ball infuser. Below is the one I use that just so happened to be part of a fancy tea set – I rarely drink tea so repurposed it. The picture on the right is a 0.25oz of hallertau blanc hops that I added half way through the boil of a gose batch. It safely can hold 1 ounce and there is enough room for expansion of the plant matter. I attempted it with 2 ounces once and it was a cake of hop in there so probably lost some extraction on that batch. You could also double up on tea balls and add two or more to the boil or even fermenter for dry hopping. There is a hook on the end that I tie kitchen twine to. Make sure the kitchen twine you pick up is food safe, unbleached, etc or it may leach chemicals into the beer.

Here are a couple of options I researched if you want to pick up a tea ball infuser or two.

This is a 2 ball set from Amazon for $6 bucks. These are adequate to use for 1oz of hops at a time so having a couple handy might be the way to go.  teaball amazon

Another option is the hop bomb from Morebeer Stainless Hop Bomb which will hold 1oz and maintain good extraction. This is a good add on item to get you over the free shipping threshold at $4.00 a pop.